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ITIN (W-7) Preparation

GLB Financial Group is a Certifying Acceptance Agent  (CCA), authorized and certified by the Internal Revenue Service.

This means that we have signed a contract with the Internal Revenue Service special ITIN office. DO not confuse us with an Acceptance Agent (AA) or basic tax preparer who have very limited or no authority at all.

We are authorized by the IRS ITIN office and duly authorized to issue “Certificate of Accuracy” (COA) certificates. The COA certifies that our office was presented with an original passport and that we as CAA, Certifying Acceptance Agents accepted the original documents presented and was satisfied with the authenticity and original origin so that the original documents need not be sent to the IRS.

With the Certifying Acceptance Agent acceptance, NO original passport or certified copy of passports are required to be submitted to the IRS. We, the CAA, Certifying Acceptance Agent issue a “Certificate of Accuracy” (COA) certificate to be submitted to the IRS in lieu of the original documents.

A regular Acceptance Agent (AA) does not have the authority to accept or deny the documents. The AA must submit your original documents to the IRS.

Our office once satisfied, we immediately return your original documents to you. Our office also prepares and signs the ITIN application and prepares all documents for submission to the Internal Revenue Service.